About Us

We are Des and Lorraine Hulme. We are Avon Sales Representatives and sales leaders for Avon UK. We Have 14 years of experience between us within the company and are very passionate about what we do.

How did it all start for us?

Well… I started to do Avon to save money to start a new life. I became a rep in September 2007 and built up a business armed with a trolley full of Avon books I managed through determination to turn my life around, i was signing myself a brand new life! In 2011 I finally added to my business by becoming a sales Leader. I became a top-selling representative and was taken away on holiday with Avon.

Des has been an Avon representative since 2003 he wanted to earn extra money so he could pay his mortgage off and live a better life. He too became the top-selling Avon man in the country finishing in the top 20 as a sales representative. He also has raised money for Avon’s charities by dressing up as Avon man on his post round he managed to raise over £1600. He became a sales leader in 2006, successfully signing representatives all over Staffordshire.

We met at one of those magical Avon holidays on a Caribbean cruise to the West Indies. It was there that we became friends and fell in love now we work together to build a better future for ourselves.

We now want to share our success with you!